Monday, August 17, 2009

New designs coming to Downtime!

Downtime is working on adding some new hobbies to our lineup! We're always willing to add new crafts and arts on request, but we're excited to announce that we will also be including some other "downtime activities". Those of us that are dedicated to our crafts readily acknowledge that such dedication can take away from personal time every so often. In honor of those dedicated significant others that put up with our enthusiasm for our art, we are adding some shirts for THEIR interests. From hunting and fishing to football and hockey, we'll be looking to cover the obsessions of those special people that put up with OUR obsessions! If you see a saying you'd like in a different hobby or craft, please feel free to contact us as always and we'll add it asap. We rarely do reserved listings, so there's no pressure to buy-but don't worry, if someone beats you to the buy button, we can always relist!

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